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      Zhongshuo Building





      绩,得到了业主和总包的一致好评。 公司拥有一支经验丰富的专业队伍,力求以精湛的施工工艺、有序的工地管理,为客户提供高效



      Zhengzhou zhongshuo Construction Engineering Co. Ltd specializes in water concrete engineering, mainly engaged in te

      chnical consultation, concrete repair and late transparent protective engineering services, through the combination of th

      e introduction of foreign advanced products and technology innovation is the model for Chinese to build the most profe

      ssional, the highest price of the concrete service provider.


      Along with the city construction and the rapid development of modern traffic, reinforced concrete is widely used in dams,

      bridges, roads, railways, ports, airports, subways, marine power plants and industrial and municipal construction field, aim

      ing at the huge market demand, clear water concrete protection technology of our company and has been gradually appl

      ied to electric power, water conservancy, bridge and other fields, is now gradually expanding its scope of application, to

      improve the durability of concrete, to realize the sustainable development of economy China mianbozhili.

      Our selection of domestic and foreign advanced water of concrete protective coatings, by virtue of its rich interior and exterior walls of experience, powerful construction and after-sales service capabilities, has made significant results, get the praise of the owner and contractor. The company has an experienced professional team, and strive to superb construction technology, orderly site management, to provide customers with efficient, high-quality products and services to meet the requirements of customers
      Your company is willing to add luster to the concrete!